Top Venues for Wedding

wedding-venues-in-new-york-city-2015-top-7-outdoor-wedding-venues-new-york-cityWeddings and betrothals, these days have become more than just kin ceremonies. People have started to splurge insanely on these congregations by following the celebrities and their lifestyle. A massive lump of wedding budget is directly dedicated to the wedding venues as they are anticipated to improve the exquisiteness of fête and comfort of guests. Couples today look for an extravagant venue to tie their knots. Here are some top wedding venues in India that can turn every couple’s fantasy fairy tale into an opulent recollection.

Neemrana Fort Palace, Jaipur Highway – Celebrate your wedding here to give a touch of primeval times to your wedding theme. Besides a sprawling stretch of over 5 acres and heights of hill, this wedding venue has walls and courtyards that are sheer example of craftsmanship and dexterity. The fort lights up the hearts of lovers with its dim lights and colorful décor under the extravagant night sky and offers an experience that is ahead of 5 stars.

Palace Grounds, Bangaluru- The somewhat extravagant fort is at the heart of city and accessible through wide alleys and roads. This wedding venue is one of the most expensive and preeminent venues in India. Vow your relationship in pure English style in the water gardens that’ll automatically grace your wedding images. Celebrate the grandeur of your wedding night under the roof of the ballroom with a fresh quixotic jazz.

The Leela, Kovalam – Tie a knot in the shades of palms and enjoy the blue-sea breeze on your wedding day and get closer to the gods. This place is ideal for the couples who’d like to be wed with their loved ones. The absolutely stunning location of The Leela is what makes it top the list of the most extravagant wedding venues across India.

City Palace, Udaipur – Turn your special day into the headline story of the newspaper  and get the wedding wishes like royals and monarchs at this palace, which is one of the oldest structure in India. A courtyard that has seen thousands of couples tie their knots and a hall that has seen more marriages then the elders of your house can accommodate more than 1500 wedding guests, so that you don’t have to think twice while inviting your loving relatives.

New Delhi – Getting married near the epitome of love, the Taj Mahal is like a dream come true for women.  If you wish to give her a big surprise this time, let her enjoy her special day with you and make memories that you’ll never forget all your life. Agra is not far from New Delhi.  If not Agra, there are many hotels and wedding venues in the cityscape of Delhi to accommodate your wedding at the finest level possible. Most of them provide a 5 Star experience and grand halls and never fall short of wedding management. A venue that is easily accessible by all your guests is much better than a gorgeous location that is uninhabited.

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