To-Do Wedding list

  • PW-wedding-checklist
  • First things First, prepare a budget for wedding supplies, arrange meetings, compare the prices and try to cut down excessive costs as much as you can from your side.
  • So now you have a imaginary idea of what your total budget will be like, try to find new ideas if the total budget is somewhat less than you expected. Examine well. Identify your wedding style and the theme of wedding.
  • Choose the wedding party and delve into some wedding venues that can accommodate the estimated number of guests for the reception on the wedding date (which should be around a holiday).
  • Now, prepare a guest list and try to estimate the number of wedding invitations that will be required based on the number of guests.
  • After you’ve selected your venue, send the invites or save-the-date cards to let your invitees know that you’re getting married.
  • Contact the vendors of flower, the cakery (taste a few flavors if you can), the photographer, the caterer, a music band and the bar, run into contracts with them only after having written acknowledgement of the terms and conditions.
  • Arrange hotel rooms and transportations for the out-of town guests and the photography team.
  • You can minimize your workload (from 1 to 6) by hiring a wedding planner, but ensure that you have extra money to splurge on them.
  • Now start shopping for wedding clothing, jewelry, the ring for the wedding party. Book a date with your seamstress or the kingsman whose work you love. Try as many dresses as you can to reach the utter satisfaction level.
  • Book the dates with the hair dresser and discuss the kind of looks you want for yourself. Look for best bridal looks online or through magazines.
  • Arrange a meeting with the makeup artist and tell them the date you’ll want them. Most of the times the hair dresser and the makeup artist are from same parlors. If not then make sure that your makeup artist doesn’t hamper the work of your hair-stylist.
  • Arrange a little cash for sudden last minute problems that are likely to show up in every wedding.
  • Finalize the guest list, beverages, cuisines, transportation, cake, wedding ring again to make sure everything is verified properly. Now mail out those invitations because the wedding day is close.
  • Practice the ritual readings and vows and check the wedding timelines.
  • Thank everyone who has helped you and try to sleep early before the wedding day so that you don’t look exhausted on your big day.

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