How to choose Indian Bridal Lehngas?

gkd593m_1If we got a penny for every time a bride-to-be buys the wrong lehnga, we’d eventually be rich enough to open a store for right ones. Most of the girls in the excitement of their wedding life and other ceremonies end up choosing the wrong bridal lehnga for their wedding. Obviously, it’d snag your mind from deep within if you look not as good on your big day, as you expected. So it’s better to consider the minutest detail than just the designer’s name because not every expensive thing is equally worth it.

Plan it Right – Know this that the wrong stuff will destroy both of your money and mood. So make sure you plan how much you want to spend, the designer you want to buy from and the picture of the color you want to buy. Girls often end up paying more than required by buying expensive lehngas because of designer’s esteem and fame. If you look a little harder you’ll find similar lehngas at half the price than what that designer just charged you.

Know your Shade – Girls with fair Skin can opt for light pink, champagne and yellow ivory tints to complement their womanhood, Girls medium to pinkish skin tone can harmonize their skin color with undertones of yellow and crimson. If yours is fair pale yellow undertone then go for bright pink and magenta colors. If your are little on the darker side  then its better not to cherry pick red or orange, try creamier and yellow ivory with a little brighter contrasts.

Know your Body-type and Skin – Brides with Slim and pear like body structure can go with the fabric that doesn’t stick to your body, it’ll make you look more slender, you can try fabrics like silk or organza. Girls on the other hand, who are on the heavier side, should never try the fabrics that are made for slim women; they’ll only make you look heavier. Try laser, georgette or chiffon instead. Your skin should also befriend the cloth you wear, so if you are allergic to sometime of fabric then don’t buy it. Just because it looks good and you think you’ll handle it doesn’t mean it’ll comfort you.

Craft work and Design – The best lehngas are the ones that tend to make you look the centre of attraction and don’t overlap your magnificence. Never wear a heavy dupatta if your lehnga and cholli are already heavily crafted. Never get hampered by the exclusiveness of the product you are about to buy, as we said, there’ll are always be similar looking apparel somewhere around. Don’t bring out the fool in you by accepting their quality norms that embellish crystals and gold work on the lehnga. These are just marketing traps.

On your big day, you’ll be expected to display the best of the best. Don’t just buy anything sloppily in the excitement of your marriage. Make your own choices because it’s you who needs to look finest.

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