How to choose Indian Bridal Dresses

Asian-Bridal-Wedding-DressChoosing the right bridal dress for your wedding is as tough as choosing the right man to marry. Red, crimson, peach, blue, pink, ivory, yellow, there are a lot of colors to choose from and while you sit their wondering what to buy and what not someone else buys what you came for. So, to liberate you from the chaos of choosing a wrong dress, we’ve set up some norms that’ll help you find the exact match of what appeals to you very swiftly.

Two factors will always affect your look on your big day. The first is Body Type –

Brides with pear-shaped body tend to have a waist-line that defines the look of a lehnga or saree. So if you have a pear like body structure then don’t forget to take its pros. Add a little dimension to your upper body with a blouse that makes your upper body more-defined. Wear a lehnga that has borders and let you waist talk for you.

Hourglass – So, you have the perfect womanhood. Wear a corset and keep it a little simple because it’ll overshadow the beauty of your body. Deep-necks would do wonders and make you look even more elaborative with your curves. Don’t worry, you can even add detail to your bridal lehnga, saree or lancha because you don’t have much to worry about.

Inverted Cone or Athletic – A cone like structure is a pear-shaped body from upside down. A Figure that makes you look slim and adds volume to your chest is really rare. You must add detail to you’re the lehnga and simplify your blouse or choli so that the look is properly balanced. Since you have broad shoulders add a little detail to them by wearing a stunning necklace.

Apple – You have an apple shaped body if your upper body has a great volume than your waist line. Don’t confuse this with inverted-conical shape because it has a defined waist line. Wearing long length cholis would get you the right bridal attire for your big day. Wear the fabrics like chiffon and georgette that’ll eventually add waves to your bust.

Petite – Petites have the highest benefit of their skeleton because they are free to use any kind of bridal dresses for their wedding. So, please be your own designers and experiment with colors. Its unto you if you want to add volume to your upper or lower body or not.

The second factor is Skin tone –

Fair – Your skin tone complements most of the colors like blue, ivory, red or bright pink. Royal Blue and Bright Pink are always in, so this season, better try something new-school.

Pale or Wheatish – However, your complexion complements both the lighter and the brighter tints. Saffron, Red, Beige (with contrast), Almond are the trends of this wedding season. Just make sure you don’t wear something that is just akin to your skin tone.

Dusky – You are a rare example of Indian beauty, so try designer and posh colors like metallic and copper or just go with beige to keep it undemanding and striking.



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