Best Bridal makeup looks


As a bride, you are expected to have a preeminent appearance by the guests and bridegroom! We think that you deserve to be pampered on your big day so it’s better to book an appointment with a great makeup artist or the one you trust. Confirm that you have these little things in your mind to get the best out of your makeup.

When, Why and Where to get it?

Your makeup can wear out in a day, so make sure you wear it comfortably before the wedding. It’s a thumb rule for bridal makeup that the bride gets ready at the venue because it is less tiresome for her to handle the gown (or lehnga in case of Indian weddings). It’s better to review a list of professional make-up artists and hair-stylists so that every stitch gets in time.

How much of bridal makeup?

Another general rule that is universally followed is to get a little more makeup than required. Since there’ll be a lot of high-quality cameras involved. The best thing to do is apply a little more makeup than you already do. So, start with a smaller amount and gradually finish it with a little more.

What kind of bridal makeup?

The worst thing with summer weddings is that they make your skin oily. So, always use oil free foundations, primers and concealers to absorb the oil on your face. Your concealer choice depends on what it is being used for? If it is some pigmented spot that you are hiding then apply it according to your skin tone. If you’re confused what to wear then just try an undertone of yellow, It’ll go with every skin type except the dusky one.  Blushes are always in because they enhance the look of your cheeks. Don’t ever forget the primers because they always allow the makeup to settle well and don’t let it smudge around your face.

What is the ideal bridal look?

We often get emails about this question. There are no proper benchmarks for the best bridal looks because it depends on your face type. However, its better to highlight your eyes if you’re wearing lighter shades on your body and if you’re on the opposite side and wearing darker and metallic shades, then its better highlight your face, especially cheeks.

How do I fix my makeup and oil on my face in minutes?

It’s better to get your makeup fixed by your makeup artist but if they are not present right at the moment, the idea is to use a Q-tip instead of a wipe or cloth as it keeps the details of your makeup intact. Clear up the blotting oil with aloe-vera wipes to regenerate the fresh look on your face. It’s always the best drill to apply the foundation of your makeup with a sponge or a thick cloth. It’ll also help you remove your makeup easily.


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