Best Destinations in India for Honeymoon

shimla-hoenymoon-detination-in-indiaHoneymoons can be very daunting if the place or way is not right. Obviously, you get only one chance as far as first honeymoon is concerned and destroying it is the last thing you’d want to do. So, whether you are newly married or rekindling the fire, never go out for a honeymoon without making the proper research.

Darjeeling – Blissfully surrounded by the Tiger Hills, Darjeeling steals the heart of every honeymooner. We recommend this place to every north-Indian couple or the couples who live in tropics. The place is known for its restful ambiance, high-rising mountains, panoramic views, one of the most romantic sunrise and sunsets and the odor of tea leaves. The Batasia Loop, Kanchenjunga belt and the Peace Pagoda are a few attractions worth your time. This place is a bequest of nature and one of the most visited tourist spot in India.

Coorg – This little town in the backdrop of South India has the grandeur of orchards, coffee and a tempting lush green land to ignite those little after-marriages sparks between the two of you. People, here are always overwhelmed to welcome the newly-weds couples who’ve just received the wedding wishes. If you want a honeymoon that is as cozy and private as your bed, this is the pace you’ve always been looking for. The river Kaveri originates from this land and this little box of happiness also has a mesmerizing waterfall near Madikeri.

Lakshadweep Islands – If you want a tropical after-wedding experience and are fed up of Goa, Lakshadweep is the place for you. We assure you that this will be the most concealed and enticing love experience of your life. The exotic beaches and tint-blue seas surrounding them have nothing but villas and cottages to comfort you with the finest sea food and martinis and memories that are beyond images and words.

Srinagar – Not mentioning this place in the top honeymoon destinations will be a sin. What could go be better than the peaceful lakes that reflect the sunlight during the day and city lights at night? Mountains that say their own stories, scenery that is no less than heaven and hospitality that is worth spending for. Visit this place and you’ll know why Shahjahan quoted those lines.

Jaisalmer – Witness the royalty of the land of castles. If you think that Rajasthan has nothing but dunes and brown people then think again. Every little corner of this city offers a living picture of times gone by. If you want to live like the duke and duchess of a regal caste, we bet this place will let you rule.

Nainital – Nanital offers a definitive travelling experience when it comes to honeymoons. This place lets you feel the romantic movies for real. A gigantic lake, Corbett national park (which is not so far), hills and a cozy weather let you commemorate a few moments of love in the lap of life.



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