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There’s nothing in the real world which is parallel to the sumptuousness of the allure and purity of Bride and Groom in a Big Fat Indian Wedding. The ostentatious nature of Indian Weddings is out-of-the-world and as usual they are always expected to fête with carnival like enjoyment that oozes out from everyone’s empathy. The culinary ambience, flowers and lights and the grave moments of the departure of Bride, the glum and droll rituals all lie at the heart of an Indian Wedding. Moreover they are exhibition of the social status and reverence. But one thing that each guest invited to be a part of celebration cannot afford to overlook is the Indian Wedding Jewelry which is extravagant from to bottom. While exploring the traditional Indian Wedding Jewelry you’ll find that it consists of more jewelry for every body part than the contemporary Wedding Jewelry. Every Jewel has its own vitality and contribution to the look of bride.

If you’re wondering about what to wear to an Indian wedding ceremony, then don’t be afraid to go bold. Indian weddings are all about colors and reminiscence. Wear something sober and you won’t mix-up with the guests out there. Make sure you wear something stunning with sparkles. ‘

Indian Wedding Jewelry has an immense heritage, if we look back in the past. The traces of art and the way it has come up as a selective symbol of art are the corroboration of Indian craftsmanship and the seriousness with which the Jewelers hitch the upraising persona of molding the minutest niceties of the ornaments they bring into the World is appraisable. This is probably the reason why Indian wedding jewelry is imperial jewelry and taking eyes off it is nearly next to impracticable.

The plot of every Indian marriage is same; it’s the little details in it that differ. After all the extravagant marriage rituals, one witnesses the reception which is one of the craziest parts of an Indian wedding. Everyone dances off the day’s happiness on the beats of western and folk music. This is why; a reception thrown by an Indian wedding appears to be entertaining from outside. The bar, the food and the dance are always the key highlights of these parties. If you’re one of those rare folks who never visited an Indian wedding before, don’t worry, the food will satisfy the horses inside you. Don’t mistake Indian food to be just vegetarian and extremely spicy, In fact, you’ll find that Indian food in a reception resembles the global cuisines in some way or the other. So, loom towards the fare with an wining mind and you’ll like everything on the menu.

The only thing that distinguishes an Indian wedding celebration from a foreign one is the gifts. Indians usually believe that the bride and groom have a worth more than just material gifts. So, they usually offer cash in envelopes, which they call ‘Shagun’, to show their dedication as guests towards them.

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